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Facial blushing is the involuntary reddening of the face. In most cases, the redness is triggered by emotions such as stress or embarrassment. Sometimes, there may be an underlying medical condition. The blushing originates from the upper neck, the neck’s base and goes up to the ears and forehead. Sometimes, the redness will spread to the legs and stomach. Other symptoms associated with the condition include blushing, facial sweat and a tingling and burning effect on the skin.

What Causes The Skin To Turn Red?

When the blood vessels dilate as a result of warmth, it forces more blood to the skin surface. When the blood is warm and closer to the skin, the skin will feel warm and appear reddish. Normal face flushing often occurs in a hot environment. It can be triggered by factors such as excitement and lasts for a few minutes.

Other factor such as sudden and strong emotions causes blushing. The widening of the sympathetic nervous systems causes blood vessels to widen thereby increasing blood flow to the face.

Medical conditions, certain psychological factors and triggers also results in excessive facial blushing.

Normal Blushing Vs. Abnormal Facial Blushing

Normal blushing occurs when strong emotions trigger and stimulate the nervous system. It results in widening of blood vessels in the facial area which cause the skin to redden. Normal blushing takes a few minutes and it goes away.

Abnormal facial flushing is a medical condition that is attributed to physical and psychological cases. For instance:

l Generalized anxiety disorder that causes anxiety about a wide array of issues and situations.

l Erythrophobia is the extreme fear of social situations and is characterized by blushing. The blushing affects the neck and the face.

l Rosacea- It is a skin condition that mainly affects the skin

l Menopausal women may experience skin reddening

l There are certain medications e.g.tamoxifen for breast cancer that causes the skin to become red

Other possible causes of blushing include:

l Consuming spicy and hot food

l Alcohol consumption or taking hot drinks

l Sudden temperature changes

l Strenuous excising

l Why some people blush more than others?

l Not all chronic blushers are anxious. Some of them have more facial blood vessels that can easily vasodilates. Others have medical underlying conditions that act as a trigger.

When to Seek Medical Attention

Blushing from time to time is not a cause of concern. However, when it severe and frequent, it is important to seek medical attention. Facial blushing has a significant psychological impact on the sufferer. Anyone who feels the blushing is affecting the quality of their life, or it is caused by an underlying medical condition should see a doctor.

What Treatment Options Are Available?

In most cases, the doctor will recommend a specific treatment depending on what is causing the abnormal blushing.

l Therapy

Abnormal blushing as a result of psychological causes such as social phobia or anxiety, cognitive behavioral theory or CBT is an effective treatment plan for such cases. The therapist or professional helps patients confront their fears and breathing techniques that helps them keep calm.

l Medication

There are certain medications that doctors prescribe to help relieve anxiety and worry. They are known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs.

Clonidine is a popular medication that helps treat uncontrollable blushing by changing how the body reacts to naturally occurring chemicals. It helps control how the blood vessels constrict and dilate.

Some patients will receive Botox injections on the face which will temporarily paralyze the facial muscles responsible for blushing for up to six months.

l Avoiding the triggers

Some of the physical causes of blushing include rosacea or menopause. The doctor may advice that the patient avoids triggers such as spicy foods and alcohol. Hormone replacement therapy or HRT helps menopausal women deal with hot flushes too.

l Surgery

In some cases, a surgical intervention is the most effective treatment. The surgical procedure, endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy, helps treat severe cases. Alternatively, it is the last resort when all other treatment options fail.

The procedure has a 90 percent success rate. However, it has some possible complications such as:

l Allergic reactions to anesthesia

l Hemorrhage and infection

l Drooping eyelids following a nerve damage

l Chronically dry hands

l Excessive sweating in body parts such as chest and legs

Other alternative measures to treating facial blushing include:

Patients can learn to manage stress by learning to relax. Techniques such as deep breathing and meditation help calm the stimulated nervous system. It also lowers blood pressure which is associated with anxiety. Alternatively, you can try focusing on a different activity that will reduce or stop the blushing.

Having a glass of water helps cool the body and normalizes the skin color. Sometimes, placing compressed cold water on the skin helps constrict the blood vessels.

The Relationship between Anxiety and Blushing

One of the classic signs of psychological distress is blushing. Blushing occurs when we are embarrassed, anxious, sexually aroused, and self-conscious. Blushing is an embarrassing feature on its own.

People who blush too much are anxious. It is an activation of the fight or fight system designed to keep us away from danger. During such moments, the adrenaline is released into the body in preparation for action. The adrenaline works by increasing the blood flow, sweating which helps you cool down, or pupil dilation for better vision.

There are other ways the body prepares itself for fight or flight. Vasodilation has those effects since it opens the blood vessels thereby prompting increased blood flow through the veins. In the process, the blood flows to your face at a faster rate and blushing occurs.


Facial blushing is a normal occurrence. Blushing is a non-verbal communication form that indicates someone is afraid, excited, or embarrassed. However, some people may experience abnormal blushing as a result of psychological or existing medical conditions. People suffering from abnormal facial blushing tend to be self-conscious and it affects their self-esteem and confidence levels. There are various treatment options for the condition ranging from therapy to surgery. The kind of treatment procedure adopted depends on the underlying cause.

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Can REVLON cream help to stop facial blushing on your skin? Mon, 11 Sep 2017 10:16:32 +0000 Relaxation Techniques to Reduce Blushing

Blushing is a disorder that comes with excessive blood rushing to your face causing redness. In most societies, mild blushing is not a big deal. However, if you suffer from excessive facial blushing, you are subject to being ridiculed, mocked and jeered. If not careful, these things can make you less confident with a much-lowered self-esteem. Here, we aim at providing you with some relaxation techniques that we hope it will help you overcome your worst fears and go out to concur the world.

What are the relaxation techniques that may aid in reducing excessive blushing?

Before giving you these tips, it is important to note that accepting that you are a blusher is the first step towards “healing”. After that, it is important to figure out what causes you to blush excessively. This is because there are many factors that can cause this including emotional, physical and psychological factors. Each one of them has different remedies. However, relaxation also plays a huge role in minimizing the blushing effects.

Address your causes of phobia

For some people, the fear of their face reddening causes the situation to worsen. In addition to that, the ridicules and the jeers that come from the public when they blush makes them to feel embarrassed thereby making them to lose confidence and their self-esteem. Through this phobia, the affected people tend to have symptoms such as nausea, sweating, feeling light-headed, feeling dizzy and having general discomfort.

When such things occur, try to address your phobia. Admit to yourself that you maybe a blusher but no one should rub it in because it is something you have no control over. Try to relax and engage in practices such as meditation and yoga every time you face such intense environment.

Ignore what people might say or think about you

According to Charles Darwin, he observed that some information might lead to the subject blushing. Taking a general example, when a man tells nice things to a woman, there are times that the information may overwhelm the emotions of the subject and in the end lead to her blushing. The case is worse when the subject is subjected to criticism or judgment.

According to doctors and other medical professionals, you can counter this excessive blushing by avoiding people who are more likely to criticize or judge you. Do not allow anybody to get to you. Once you have accepted that you can be a blusher, only focus on relieving exercises such as breathing in and out in a systematic manner when such things happen.

Take healthy meals

As part of the relaxation technique, avoid unnecessary physical activities that may cause faster flow of blood in your body because that alone is a recipe for blushing. In addition to that, always avoid foods that will make your heart race thereby increasing the rate of the blood flow. Foods rich in cholesterols are notorious in causing this situation.


Mild blushing is not something that people dwell on nowadays. However, when in excessive, the disorder can be embarrassing and can lead to serious damage in a person’s self-esteem. However, some relaxation techniques are available to help minimize the effects that come with the disorder.

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Skin Care Cream Mon, 11 Sep 2017 10:15:45 +0000 Medications to reduce facial blushing and anxiety

Facial blushing is a very common trait in those people who fear public, fear attention and are constantly worrying about petty issues. Sometimes, people can develop severe blushing which leads to extreme anxiety especially when in public or social settings. Sometimes anxiety and blushing have even led to some people taking their lives as they are unable to cope up with social stress and constant worries. Are there any medications to reduce facial blushing and anxiety? We give you the details:

Medications to blushing are available and differ depending on the extent and how severe the blushing and anxiety is.

Beta-blockers– Beta-blockers is a type of medication that is given to control and manage some of the effects of anxiety. Some of these symptoms include blushing and also heart palpitations. It is advisable however, that you know the symptoms that mostly affect you as a result of anxiety before trying out this type medication. Always get a doctor to test and analyze you and also prescribe to you the dose and the frequency in which you should take the medicines.

Clonidine– Clonidine is another type of medication that is given to you as a way of treating excessive facial blushing. This medication works by altering how the body react to chemicals that usually occurs naturally in the body. Some of these chemicals include noradrenaline. Noradrenaline works by controlling the dilation and also the constriction of the blood vessels. This makes the blushing less extreme or obvious and hence acts as a good way of controlling excessive facial blushing. However, it is also very important to note that a doctor’s test and prescription is very important before you can finally decide to use this type of medication. This is because different type of facial blushing exists and you can never know what you are suffering from.

Botox injections– Botox can also be used to control excessive facial blushing. Botox injections are usually applied on the skin by use of injection needles. The Botox injections works by paralyzing the skin for a temporary duration. This means that the nerves that always stimulate the blushing are made inactive and therefore cannot detect the chemical changes in the body. The chemical changes are always the one that causes the facial blushing. The effects of Botox injections usually last for months and so you don’t need frequent injections.

It is possible to control facial blushing and anxiety by use of the available medications. However, it is very important to first note what is causing the facial blushing as different types of facial blushing are controlled by different medications. It is always important to first get a doctor’s advice and directives before deciding on which type of medications to use.

Although it is possible to control these conditions, sometimes it can be an up-hill tasks and determinations and lots of commitment is necessary before you can finally overcome this condition. First face the fact that you suffer from this problem and then concentrate on seeking the best medication. Everything can always be controlled, it is all about how much effort we put!

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Facial Cream To Help Stop Going Red Mon, 11 Sep 2017 10:14:35 +0000 This how facial blushing and anxiety affects your relationship

Though anxiety is a normal thing in life, having excessive anxiety or an anxiety disorder makes living normally a hard task. You will find that, normal stuffs that other people have no problem with, can make your life hell as they bother and disturb you. Living normally with people therefore becomes a hard task as you are likely to be offended by almost everything. Anxiety dictates what you do, where you go and who becomes your friend. Finding and maintaining a relationship become an uphill task as people don’t understand why you behave the way you do. Below are some of the ways showing how facial blushing and anxiety can affect your relationships:

People won’t understand you– It is very hard to get a partner that understands why you behave the way you do. Most people will just think that you want them out of your life and they will just quit. Most people will think you are a difficult person to deal with. You will be a very lucky person to get that person who fully understands your flaws and still finds you amazing. It happens though, but you might not be the lucky one. It becomes virtually impossible for you to start and maintain a friendship since no one feels attracted enough to you to stick around regardless of your short-comings.

You just can’t agree on a long-distance relationship– You will find yourself opposed to any long-distance relationship. You will not feel at ease at all knowing that your partner is far away and you cannot find them. You will keep on telling yourself that your partner is probably cheating on you. Failing to trust your partner is likely to cause problems as your partner will not understand why you cannot trust them. It is not always possible for a couple to live together, you need to be accommodating and understand why your partner must stay away and also assure yourself that he is not cheating on you but he is busy working to feed and to keep you.

It is impossible to have normal arguments– Everything to you becomes offensive. You really cannot have a healthy discussion or fight with your partner. Whatever your partner says, you interpret it in another way to suit your feelings. To you, it is like it is relieving to feel like your partner has abused you. It is normal to have some disagreements once in a while, but the matter must be sorted out in a mature way to avoid more damage. If you are that person that always look for something your partner says so that you can be able to attack back, then your relationship might always come falling down.

Anxiety usually leads to facial blushing. Also, blushing can also lead to anxiety. It is very important to note how our feelings not only affects us, but also affects our immediate families. It is important to get professional guidance if you think your condition is beyond the limits. Save your relationship, save yourself and save your partner!

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