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Medications to reduce facial blushing and anxiety

Facial blushing is a very common trait in those people who fear public, fear attention and are constantly worrying about petty issues. Sometimes, people can develop severe blushing which leads to extreme anxiety especially when in public or social settings. Sometimes anxiety and blushing have even led to some people taking their lives as they are unable to cope up with social stress and constant worries. Are there any medications to reduce facial blushing and anxiety? We give you the details:

Medications to blushing are available and differ depending on the extent and how severe the blushing and anxiety is.

Beta-blockers– Beta-blockers is a type of medication that is given to control and manage some of the effects of anxiety. Some of these symptoms include blushing and also heart palpitations. It is advisable however, that you know the symptoms that mostly affect you as a result of anxiety before trying out this type medication. Always get a doctor to test and analyze you and also prescribe to you the dose and the frequency in which you should take the medicines.

Clonidine– Clonidine is another type of medication that is given to you as a way of treating excessive facial blushing. This medication works by altering how the body react to chemicals that usually occurs naturally in the body. Some of these chemicals include noradrenaline. Noradrenaline works by controlling the dilation and also the constriction of the blood vessels. This makes the blushing less extreme or obvious and hence acts as a good way of controlling excessive facial blushing. However, it is also very important to note that a doctor’s test and prescription is very important before you can finally decide to use this type of medication. This is because different type of facial blushing exists and you can never know what you are suffering from.

Botox injections– Botox can also be used to control excessive facial blushing. Botox injections are usually applied on the skin by use of injection needles. The Botox injections works by paralyzing the skin for a temporary duration. This means that the nerves that always stimulate the blushing are made inactive and therefore cannot detect the chemical changes in the body. The chemical changes are always the one that causes the facial blushing. The effects of Botox injections usually last for months and so you don’t need frequent injections.

It is possible to control facial blushing and anxiety by use of the available medications. However, it is very important to first note what is causing the facial blushing as different types of facial blushing are controlled by different medications. It is always important to first get a doctor’s advice and directives before deciding on which type of medications to use.

Although it is possible to control these conditions, sometimes it can be an up-hill tasks and determinations and lots of commitment is necessary before you can finally overcome this condition. First face the fact that you suffer from this problem and then concentrate on seeking the best medication. Everything can always be controlled, it is all about how much effort we put!

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