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This how facial blushing and anxiety affects your relationship

Though anxiety is a normal thing in life, having excessive anxiety or an anxiety disorder makes living normally a hard task. You will find that, normal stuffs that other people have no problem with, can make your life hell as they bother and disturb you. Living normally with people therefore becomes a hard task as you are likely to be offended by almost everything. Anxiety dictates what you do, where you go and who becomes your friend. Finding and maintaining a relationship become an uphill task as people don’t understand why you behave the way you do. Below are some of the ways showing how facial blushing and anxiety can affect your relationships:

People won’t understand you– It is very hard to get a partner that understands why you behave the way you do. Most people will just think that you want them out of your life and they will just quit. Most people will think you are a difficult person to deal with. You will be a very lucky person to get that person who fully understands your flaws and still finds you amazing. It happens though, but you might not be the lucky one. It becomes virtually impossible for you to start and maintain a friendship since no one feels attracted enough to you to stick around regardless of your short-comings.

You just can’t agree on a long-distance relationship– You will find yourself opposed to any long-distance relationship. You will not feel at ease at all knowing that your partner is far away and you cannot find them. You will keep on telling yourself that your partner is probably cheating on you. Failing to trust your partner is likely to cause problems as your partner will not understand why you cannot trust them. It is not always possible for a couple to live together, you need to be accommodating and understand why your partner must stay away and also assure yourself that he is not cheating on you but he is busy working to feed and to keep you.

It is impossible to have normal arguments– Everything to you becomes offensive. You really cannot have a healthy discussion or fight with your partner. Whatever your partner says, you interpret it in another way to suit your feelings. To you, it is like it is relieving to feel like your partner has abused you. It is normal to have some disagreements once in a while, but the matter must be sorted out in a mature way to avoid more damage. If you are that person that always look for something your partner says so that you can be able to attack back, then your relationship might always come falling down.

Anxiety usually leads to facial blushing. Also, blushing can also lead to anxiety. It is very important to note how our feelings not only affects us, but also affects our immediate families. It is important to get professional guidance if you think your condition is beyond the limits. Save your relationship, save yourself and save your partner!

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