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Relaxation Techniques to Reduce Blushing

Blushing is a disorder that comes with excessive blood rushing to your face causing redness. In most societies, mild blushing is not a big deal. However, if you suffer from excessive facial blushing, you are subject to being ridiculed, mocked and jeered. If not careful, these things can make you less confident with a much-lowered self-esteem. Here, we aim at providing you with some relaxation techniques that we hope it will help you overcome your worst fears and go out to concur the world.

What are the relaxation techniques that may aid in reducing excessive blushing?

Before giving you these tips, it is important to note that accepting that you are a blusher is the first step towards “healing”. After that, it is important to figure out what causes you to blush excessively. This is because there are many factors that can cause this including emotional, physical and psychological factors. Each one of them has different remedies. However, relaxation also plays a huge role in minimizing the blushing effects.

Address your causes of phobia

For some people, the fear of their face reddening causes the situation to worsen. In addition to that, the ridicules and the jeers that come from the public when they blush makes them to feel embarrassed thereby making them to lose confidence and their self-esteem. Through this phobia, the affected people tend to have symptoms such as nausea, sweating, feeling light-headed, feeling dizzy and having general discomfort.

When such things occur, try to address your phobia. Admit to yourself that you maybe a blusher but no one should rub it in because it is something you have no control over. Try to relax and engage in practices such as meditation and yoga every time you face such intense environment.

Ignore what people might say or think about you

According to Charles Darwin, he observed that some information might lead to the subject blushing. Taking a general example, when a man tells nice things to a woman, there are times that the information may overwhelm the emotions of the subject and in the end lead to her blushing. The case is worse when the subject is subjected to criticism or judgment.

According to doctors and other medical professionals, you can counter this excessive blushing by avoiding people who are more likely to criticize or judge you. Do not allow anybody to get to you. Once you have accepted that you can be a blusher, only focus on relieving exercises such as breathing in and out in a systematic manner when such things happen.

Take healthy meals

As part of the relaxation technique, avoid unnecessary physical activities that may cause faster flow of blood in your body because that alone is a recipe for blushing. In addition to that, always avoid foods that will make your heart race thereby increasing the rate of the blood flow. Foods rich in cholesterols are notorious in causing this situation.


Mild blushing is not something that people dwell on nowadays. However, when in excessive, the disorder can be embarrassing and can lead to serious damage in a person’s self-esteem. However, some relaxation techniques are available to help minimize the effects that come with the disorder.

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